Taking A Stand

Part of coming to a new church, particularly for a music guy, is learning the new songs. Churches, like people, have personalities. And like people, most churches aren’t perfect, or even better or worse than others. They’re merely different.

Aside from the adjustment of being surrounded by entirely different people and being in an entirely different facility, I had to learn a ton of new songs if I had any thoughts of being able to sing from my seat in the audience, much less on stage for worship.

One song I’ve had to learn is called, simply, The Stand. There is something simple, yet declarative in that title. The bible repeatedly describes Jesus as being seated at the right hand of the Father. However, in the biblical account of when Stephen was about to be martyred, we notice that Stephen looked into heaven and saw Jesus standing at the right hand of God. Stephen had just taken a stand for Jesus, and now Jesus was standing for Stephen. Jesus was not simply a passive bystander when Stephen willingly and boldly surrendered his everything. Jesus stood witness, from the place of ultimate honor – God’s right hand, and showed Stephen honor.

There is tremendous liberty in our lives when we give ourselves completely to something or someone. Living with abandon means living in liberty. Serving God with everything we have and everything we are is the greatest act of liberation we can ever know. When we stand for Jesus, He will stand for us.

Below are the lyrics to the song. If it’s not already playing, you can listen to it anytime by clicking on it on the player in the right column. I think when you read the words, the song will naturally usher you into that place of abandon. That is where we ought to live our lives.

Lyrics | The Stand lyrics

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