Sporadic Alzheimer’s

Just 2 days ago, during sound check before church, my friend Keri was trying to remember something she wanted to talk about. You know that nagging feeling of when you had a thought a moment ago, but when the opportunity comes…your mind goes blank? So, in a moment of solidarity with my friend, I thought I’d confess my occasional absentmindedness. I told her that my neighbors must think I’m an idiot. Probably 3 days a week, I walk out my front door only to remember something I left behind within seconds of the door closing. I then have to unlock the door, go back inside and retrieve the forgotten item.

Fast forward 24 hours to Monday morning. I’m gathering my stuff before I head out the door for work. I go through the checklist:

  • Backpack – check
  • bottle of water – check
  • protein bars – check
  • garage door opener – check
  • bill I need to pay today – check
  • wallet – check
  • checks – check

I’m good to go. So, I open the door, make sure it’s locked, and close it behind me. No sooner does the door close that it dawns on me that I left my KEYS inside. I mean, it was almost instantly as the door closed.

Fortunately, (for me, anyway), my good friend Lisa had the foresight when I moved to town to suggest that we each have a copy of keys to each other’s houses for just such an occasion. Until Monday, I had never locked myself out. EVER. So I thought her suggestion was silly, but the reason she thought of it was because she’s probably sufficiently knuckleheaded to do it.

So, after nearly 4 months, the scoreboard reads:

Dork – 1
Knucklehead – 0


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