Ban Divorce?

The latest “argument” against the passage of Proposition 8 has come out this week in the form of sarcasm. They’re hoping that you would think their argument is absurd, outlawing divorce due to the “sanctity of marriage” and to protect children and the sacred institution of marriage. The “gotcha” comes when they reveal they are using the words used in the Yes on 8 campaign against gay marriage.

For the anti Prop. 8 crowd who are trumpeting this call against what they would like to call hypocrisy, I would ask why the majority of that very same crowd can justify so cavalierly the ending of an innocent life, yet they picket outside San Quentin when mass murderers are put to death for their crimes, or live in trees for months on end so they won’t be cut down for the sake of development. A tree!

You see? The “hypocrisy” thing goes both ways.

But let me say this. We have to admit that our culture has asked for this. The divorce rate is astronomical. I could write a book on why, and how to avoid the pitfalls. As a single guy who has never married, I’m not sure that book would sell. But it is beyond debate that marriages are under assault. Not only from the outside, but from within.

Many people I know have endured divorce. In most cases, I have to say they made the right decisions in getting out of their abusive and damaging relationships. However, I have heard many of those very same people admit that they saw signs before the wedding day of the very things which eventually destroyed the relationships.

Believe me, I hate being alone. And I’m scared to live the rest of my life alone, and to die alone. My parents are each approaching their mid 70s, and both have health issues which are in varying degrees of seriousness. I can’t imagine either one of them without the other. I don’t want to be in my 70s and alone. Heck, I’m not enjoying be in my 40s and being alone. But despite my fear of that, I fear more the concept of being in a marriage which was practically doomed before it began.

I originally had a much different ending to this post, but I’ve chosen to go a different direction after reviewing my Veteran’s Day post. It changed my mood about things, and thus, changed the tone in which I want to end this post. Whether or not you’re married is not the point I want to make. I would simply like to issue you the same challenge I’m giving myself. That we would live our lives consistently, not giving anyone room to make claims of inconsistencies in us. It’s wonderful to be politically active, particularly on issues which have a direct affect on the moral culture of our state and country. But let’s also declare war against the battle within. It’s one thing to stand on a street corner waving signs at passing cars. It’s another thing to take time and spend it with hurting people and loving them…when no one is looking. It’s another thing to do the right thing…when no one is looking.

Let’s hold each other accountable.


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