Jesus = Community Organizer?

The latest high profile individual that I know of has come out and used the “Jesus was a Community Organizer, Pilate was a Governor” angle was Susan Sarandon. Stay tuned, I’m sure more are to come.

And now, a friend from back in my college days has jumped on the bandwagon. Hey, despite our disagreement in this area, I respect him very much. However, this rationale simply escapes me. It boggles my mind that anyone could repeat that phrase with a straight face.

So let’s ponder this for a moment. Those who are going with this rationale are also those who are passionately opposed to the so-called “religious right”. And now they are actually trying to compare their guy to most polarizing figure between church and state?


But all this goes to prove, to the most discerning among us, that they are afraid. They’re rattled. They are spending so much time and energy trying to elevate themselves by minimizing the King of Kings, they’ve practically abandoned the fact that it’s actually Obama vs. McCain, not Palin. They’re insulting our intelligence.

Desperation reveals insecurity. Of which, there is no room in the Oval Office.

I do not believe all Democrats are like this. Nor do I believe all Republicans and/or Christians are good and correct.

I agree with my friend 100% on one thing. As Christians, we should aspire to be like Him. Where we part company is that I do not believe by minimizing Christ, my party’s ticket is more like Jesus than the other. Jesus was a carpenter. Does this make Bob Vila more like Christ than an auto mechanic? Not because of their professions or deeds, no.

So people, please. Enough of the nonsense. Vote your conscience. I’m less concerned with people voting the same as I do as much as I am about people voting intelligently and not in false hysteria or ignorance.

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