I’m Pro-Choice, And I’ll Tell You Why

I have always enjoyed the English language. I mean, you know…I’m somewhat partial to it being American and all. Being a communicator, and appreciating good wordsmiths, I really like to pay attention to what people say, and most tellingly, how they say it. There is power in words. Our language can be complex. There are often times many ways to say the same thing. When working in radio, I was taught to always look at the positive way to say things. For example, when giving a weather forecast which called for rain, you might want to advise people to be prepared. There might be two ways to say it:

don’t forget your umbrella
remember your umbrella

Isn’t it more positive and encouraging to remind someone to do something they’ll be grateful for later than nagging them not to do something they might later regret?

I always found it interesting that two opposite sides of the abortion topic were both “pro”. You have your “pro-life” group, and your “pro-choice” group. For those who are pro-choice, their main argument is that the government has no right to be in their womb. I think this is an interesting view of where the “choice” begins for such folks.

Famed feminist Gloria Steinem wrote a scathing article Thursday against Sarah Palin. Ms. Steinem just doesn’t believe that Mrs. Palin is a worthy torchbearer for today’s woman. She cites several issues which I believe are gender-neutral, but of course, the topic of abortion was raised. After reading it and considering her position, which I believe is ridiculous and hypocritical, I found it astonishing that Ms. Steinem doesn’t believe in a woman’s right to choose to disagree. In fact, I find that as rather ironic for the entire party which touts itself as being enlightened and preaches tolerance. Tolerance. Webster defines tolerance this way:

sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from or conflicting with one’s own

Ms. Steinem has dedicated herself to womens’ rights, at least according to her standards. In actuality, she suppresses womens’ rights.
For Ms. Steinem, a woman’s choice begins and ends with deciding whether or not she should give birth to a developing fetus. For me, the choice begins in the moments leading up to conception, not afterwards. For me, choice includes having the right to choose for yourself if you agree or disagree with the moral, emotional and legal ramifications abortion has on themselves, their family, the baby, and our country.

As you read this, you may totally or even partially agree with me. You may totally or partially disagree with me. You know what? I’m OK with that.

It’s your choice.

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