Bittersweet Sign of Being Older

Last week, when John McCain introduced to the world his choice for running mate, I was both impressed and somewhat horrified. One reaction was political, the other strictly mathematic.

When the news outlets began broadcasting Sarah Palin’s biography, it was noted that her birthday is February 11, 1964. That makes her exactly 54 weeks, to the day, older than me. While that would normally bother me, looking at her and her family is somewhat encouraging. They seem to be a young and vibrant family. Some people age more gracefully than others. I’ve seen people younger than I am who look at least 10 years older. Sarah Palin, though slightly over a year older than I am, looks younger than I do. And yes, I have been told by a female friend of mine that her husband is “hot”. Not an adjective you often hear of political figures and their spouses, but this is a new era.

I have to admit that I’m very impressed with Mrs. Palin and her family. Obviously they have been plopped in the media petri dish for all the world to analyze. For every bit of information revealed, people will use those details to further their agendas. Agree or disagree with her decisions and platform, I think you have to respect her. She personifies the modern woman, balancing family and career. They have FIVE kids! The most recent of whom is a special needs child. And it has now been revealed that this infant son will soon have a niece or nephew who will be less than a year younger than he is.

I admire Sarah Palin’s resolve and fortitude. And even moreso, I admire that of her family. Her husband seems to be what many would consider a man’s man. Rugged outoorsy guy, blue collar worker. Yet, he will be the one holding the bible for his wife on January 20, 2009 should they win in November. There are many men who wouldn’t be comfortable in this role. Can you imagine Bill Clinton in this hypothetical role? As Hillary is taking the Oath of Office, there’s Bill winking and firing his finger gun at the cameras.

I’m looking forward to the speech tonight. And if you find yourself at a watercooler conversation about her daughter, take the high road and walk away. But that’s a blog post for another day.

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