Day 2

I’m happy to report that I survived Day 1 of the Atkins diet plan. So far, things are going fine. My fridge is pretty well stocked with Atkins-friendly items. I went to the store yesterday and loaded up with boxes of sugar-free Jello and fat-free pudding. You gotta love a plan that includes these! I just LOVE Jello! Plus, you can have pretty much all the whipped cream you can stand. Maybe I’ll just throw a few spoonfuls of Jello into the tub of whipped cream and just go for it.

Yeah, maybe not.
On the job front, the search continues. I have targeted one particular company/ministry as where I would like to work, but as of yet, they don’t have much in the way of openings. Fortunately, I know some people there, including the CEO. I got an email reply from him this morning saying he’s very busy, but he’d like to meet on the 19th. That’s two and a half weeks from now, which looks like an eternity when you’re looking for a job. So, the effort continues in hopes that by the 19th, I’ll just have to walk down the hall to meet up with him. And hopefully by then, I’ll be at least 10 pounds lighter!

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