More New Beginnings

You’d think that after the last couple months, I’d be a little tired of changes. But in another sense, it’s almost like going through one or two significant changes gets you thinking of all the stuff that could use a makeover. So now that I’ve got a new place to live, in a new town, in a new church, making new friends…it’s time to do something to and for myself.

Today seemed like a very obvious and natural time to start. It’s the first day of the week, and the first day of the month. So, today I start on the Atkins diet plan. I did it before with great success, but got lazy and drifted back into my typical eating habits. So, for the month of September, it’s cutting out the nasty carbs. Those tasty, tasty carbs. So long potatoes of every kind. French fries, hash browns, and of course, the baked and mashed varieties. Bread? Yeah…see you in a month, too.

When I first discovered the Atkins plan a few years ago, I was stunned. I have never been one for diets because they all seemed so unreasonable. I hear of portion control, eating tofu and soy junk. Bleah. But Atkins says, “eat all you want!”. Now that’s a diet I can sink my teeth into! And anyone who knows me knows that I’m a dyed-in-the-wool carnivore! And Dr. Atkins created this plan for ME!

I’m pretty ready to do this. I’m definitely needing to do this. I went for a nice 2 mile walk today, which is also something I’m motivated to do. I was very athletic growing up. Going from one sport to the next from 5 years old through high school. As an adult, I still played basketball, softball, raquetball, tennis…whatever I could get out and do. The past several years have seen almost none of that. So I think shedding some weight will increase my energy and desire to be more active.

The plan is for 30 days of hardcore Atkins. Then maybe a week “off the wagon” which will include such delicacies as pizza, potatoes, pasta and other goodies. Then, back to more Atkins-related goodness.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress. I weighed myself this morning. The outcome was pretty much what I expected. I can’t wait to see where I’ll be on October 1!

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