Rocklin Redeeming Quality #5

When relocating to a new area, there are a million things you need to consider in taking care of the necessities of life. For some families, schools are important, churches, jobs, getting your PG&E set up, cable/phone/internet. Those are some of the bigger things. But then you come down to the “little” things which are also important.

I’ve gone to the same woman to get my hair cut for about 7 or 8 years. Finding someone who I could trust with my ever thinning and graying hair is actually important to me. It’s not that I’m vain or anything. It’s just that we’ve probably all had a bad haircut somewhere along the line and they don’t fix themselves very quickly.

So with this unfortunate fellow’s mishap in mind, I asked around for a place where I could get my hair cut without spending a disproportionate amount of money for the work involved with cutting what’s left of my hair. A place I had never heard of was recommended to me called SportsClips. They cater to men by using a sports theme as their hook. Hey, I like sports as much as the average guy, but this place almost sounded a bit over-the-top with the gimmick. Lots of sports paraphernalia, an all female staff with referee shirts, small TVs embedded into each station with ESPN or some other sports programming on all day. But what really hooked me were the other services they offer.

Yes, I realize that can sound bad when in the context of an all female staff serving an exclusively male clientele, but stick with me.

For $17, you can get in and get out with a nice haircut. They call this the “Varsity” haircut. For kids, they call them the JV haircut. The next step up is the “Triple Play”, which includes a steamed towel for your face after you’re done as well as a “massaging” shampoo. And for all the gusto, you can get the “MVP” which includes all the aforementioned services, but also includes leave-in conditioner and a neck and shoulder massage.

Now how much would you pay?

Before you get too excited, the neck and shoulder massage is done by one of those vibrating suction cup dealies. They put a little smock over your shoulders and run the massager around your neck and back. Hey, it felt good. What did you expect for a grand total of $23? The face towel, just like you see here, also includes a gentle facial massage. You know, I had never had one, and I’m sure this wouldn’t rival any special spa treatments people get, but dang, it really did feel good and refreshing.

Evidently, there is a SportsClips in Morgan Hill, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have driven all the way down there from San Jose for what they offer, cool as it is. But here in Rocklin, it’s just a few miles away from where I live, and definitely worth it. They only take walk-ins, so you don’t even have to plan ahead to go there.

Sounds like a man thing, doesn’t it?

One thought on “Rocklin Redeeming Quality #5

  1. I know someone who used to work at one in North Carolina, they loved it…sounds like it would be fun…well for a guy 🙂 glad you’re finding more great qualities 🙂

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