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Well, my first rehearsal at Sunset Christian Center is now behind me. I am not really happy with how I did, but if I am fair to myself, I’ll give myself a little bit of a break in that I really didn’t know this song, and I’ve only had the music and recording of it since late Monday afternoon. However, I feel the pressure to really nail it. This was the first time most of the people there have heard me sing, and they must be wondering if this new guy can bring it.

While I struggled with it a little, everyone was very gracious. It’s a tough song in the best circumstances, and considering that there are a whole lot of peripheral issues going on, the encouragement from the folks really was nice.

I have to get used to rehearsal being on Wednesday nights. At Bethel, rehearsals are on Thursdays, so you get a little more time to get things ready for rehearsal, and less time to think about it before Sunday. With it being on Wednesdays here, I had less time to prepare for rehearsal, and a TON of time to think (and rehearse it on my own) before sound check Sunday morning at 9:15.

I still feel pressure to nail the song. Not from anyone else. It’s all self-inflicted. You’ve heard the saying “you have only one shot at a first impression”. Well, Sunday is that one shot for me at SCC. The music pastor is sticking his neck out letting me get involved so early in my tenure there, so I feel I need to do a respectable job for him. But ultimately, it’s not about me, or him, but being prepared musically and spiritually to deliver the message of the song in an effective way. It’s a great song with a powerful message of God’s renewal and restoration.

His mercies are new every morning, so I’ve got 4 new mornings ahead of me before I do the song.

Ok, I’ve gotten that off my chest. Now hopefully I’ll be able to sleep now.

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