Rocklin Redeeming Quality #2

You may notice that the Redeeming Qualities that will appear up front will be food services. So far, aside from furnishing my place, restaurants will likely make up most of my new experiences during my first few weeks here in the Rocklin area.

With that being said, I present to you Sonic – America’s Drive-In. I used to travel throughout the United States back in my younger days as a professional singer. I noticed that, particularly in the South, Sonics were a significant part of the fabric in many small towns. I don’t know what it’s like in those areas today, as that was more than 20 years ago, but cruising was a pretty widespread phenomenon back then. And it seemed that the Sonic was always the point at which cars would make the turnaround to head back in the other cruising direction.

There is no cruising in Rocklin, but there is a Sonic here which opened up just within the last few months, I’m told. It comes complete with carhops…on roller skates! As a sign of the times, some carhops are sporting roller blades, but the spirit is still the same.

The food is ok. I haven’t eaten at a Sonic in over 20 years, and I can’t say the food is the drawing card. The retro feel of pulling up to a spot and having your food delivered to your car window by someone on roller skates/blades is pretty much the draw. It also appears that you can sit outside and not only order your food from the patio area, but even pay for it with your credit/debit card without having to wait in line. This is particularly handy when trying to avoid poor customer service.

A recent example would be the Wendy’s I hit with Lisa and Brenda after we started to drive back to Rocklin Saturday after cleaning out my apartment in San Jose. There were a minimum of 6 employees behind the counter, and only one gentleman waiting for his food. There were times when as many as 3 of the employees were consumed with helping that individual by placing fries, drinks and burgers on his tray. Meanwhile, no one bothered to approach the tired and hungry new customers who were patiently waiting to give their order. We waited and waited for more than 5 minutes, with no one in line ahead of us, before one employee finally stopped to take our order. And even after doing so, he still messed up our order.

I digress.

Sonic, decent food, fun ambience.

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