Not Sure If I’ve Lost My Mind

…or if I’ve just packed it away.

My apartment looks like a war zone. Empty boxes, full boxes, partially filled boxes, boxes boxes boxes.

This has been a crazy week. Juggling 2 jobs, packing, address changing, changing the service address with PG&E, renting a U-Haul, getting cable/internet/phone installed, blah blah blah. It hasn’t been a three ring circus, it’s felt like about eight or nine rings.

I pretty much feel like this guy. Part of my problem is focus. I start focusing on this “plate”, and meanwhile the one behind me, to the left, is really getting wobbly. So I start working on that one, then the one to the right starts to teeter. It’s taking everything I’ve got to keep everything from crashing into a mass of broken pieces…and not becoming one of the shards, myself.

On another note, the ladies of the softball team sprung on me their desire to take me to dinner tonight. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a pretty staunch carnivore, so why not go out with a bang at Outback Steakhouse! I’m really looking forward to seeing my friends one more time before heading out tomorrow. I can’t say I’m excited to leave and move, but I can say I am strongly looking forward to this whole transition being behind me.

Much like my brain, this post is somewhat scrambled and disorganized. Hopefully once I can settle in, my writings will be more entertaining and thought out. Right now I’m just brain-dumping. I doubt I’ll write anything tomorrow, and I reserve the right to flake on the entire weekend. But we’ll see.

I need to take care of a couple wobbly plates now.

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