As I mentioned yesterday, last night was my last rehearsal with the Voices of Bethel. I knew it was going to be a tough night for me, and it was. But it was so special to share it with a very special group within my Bethel family. I’m posting some of the pictures which have been made available to me (thanks Pamela!). You can see them two ways. To the right you’ll see the slideshow, or you can check them out here. Try to overlook my swollen and tear-stained face.

Sunday is the next emotional hurdle to get past. Thank God I have a couple days to compose myself.

One thought on “Bittersweet

  1. Hey Cor, Con. I read through your blogs today and enjoyed reading them. It will be nice to keep up with you through your writings. You’ve always been good at putting your thoughts in writing.I’ll be praying for you on Sunday. I know it will be a hard day, but try to hang on to the moment when you really knew that God was confirming that Rocklin was to be your new home. You will be missed here in San Jose; but, what will keep it less sad is hearing about all of the exciting things God has in store for you!Con

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