Last Notes of a Choir Boy

Tonight is my final rehearsal with the Voices of Bethel. You know, there have been times when I was, let’s just say “less than thrilled” about rehearsals when I’d rather go to a movie or just stay home. What I didn’t expect was the swell of emotions I felt at last week’s rehearsal. For reasons too many to even communicate, it all of a sudden hit me that something I’ve been part of for over 11 years is not going to be part of my weekly life anymore.

Yes, other churches have choirs. Most don’t anymore, but some do. The Voices of Bethel is an institution. When I lived in Santa Rosa, more than 100 miles away, I used to drive down to enjoy Christmas Spectacular. I would see Johnny and Gina, among so many other wonderful singers. They, too, are Bethel institutions.

I’m still amazed that I got to sing along side them, as well as so many other talented and anointed singers, including Lisa, Connie, Greg, Ron, Pamela, Jennifer and so many others. There is such musical excellence which only inspires and challenges you to rise to the next level. Those are just some of the singers. Then you have to remember the incredibly gifted band members. Van, John Scott, Jimmie, Rich, Jon and Harold and so many others. I had never been part of a church where the mere idea of a background track was laughable.

Anyway, tonight marks the end of a great 11 year run for me. What is ironic is that this Sunday, my last, I will be singing the very first song I ever did with the Voices of Bethel back in November of 1996: Let The Fire.

If you’re at rehearsal tonight, or at church on Sunday…please forgive me for what you may hear. I’m about this close to completely crying my eyes out, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it happens right in the middle of the song.

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