Enough Is Enough

This morning I went out to my car to head to work, only to find that someone had broken in to it sometime during the course of the night. This is now the third time that has happened in the 21 months in which I’ve lived in my apartment complex.

The first time, I believe it was for the express purpose of stealing my GPS unit which I had foolishly left attached to my windshield. Lesson learned.

Having learned said lesson, I left my car virtually empty on the inside. Nothing of substance in the glove compartment, center console, floors, and certainly not on the seats in plain view. Yet, some joker broke in and actually crawled in through the broken window, sat in my car, went through my glove compartment (and dumped most of it on the floor), and went through my center console. Their bounty consisted of some $2 pens, my iPod car charger and my window shade.

Who steals a window shade?

Last night when I got home, my hands were full. I had set my laptop bag on the floor of my back seat. It was empty, but I got lazy. I always take it in, but this time, I talked myself into trusting that it would be ok “just this once”.


Gone is the nice laptop bag which, thankfully, didn’t have my laptop in it. But my digital camera was in it, which I loved. While I’m not excited about leaving San Jose, and there are very nice things about the apartment in which I live…I can’t get away from that place fast enough.

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